Home Energy Surveys

Home Energy Surveys

Most surveys begin with a specific issue - high bills or a desire to reduce carbon emissions, perhaps. Our surveys are highly interactive - we don't go off with a clip-board, bid you farewell and then put a report in the post. Wherever possible the client accompanies the surveyor, discussing problems and possibilities as we progress from top to bottom of the house.

This way, most issues are discussed before we even reach the door to leave, and the report becomes mainly an aide-memoire, a list of specific recommendations and a resource guide. Fewer words on the survey means a smaller figure on the bill.

I charge on an "honesty box" sliding scale of £47.50, £57.50 or £72.50 per hour depending on the client's self-assessment of his or her income as low, medium or high. Travelling time is charged at £32.25 per hour and mileage at 45p per mile. If public transport is feasible of course I can use that.


Bonsall survey "The audit was a very good benchmark to give us some guidance on what we could be doing - there was so much to consider before, we found it hard to make an informed decision. Now we have a framework to work to. We're getting quotes for secondary double glazing to remove draughts from our old sash windows and to increase insulation. We're also going to line two rooms with internal insulation when they are next decorated. We've also been considering 'wrapping' two entire sides of the house from the outside, the sides which face the wind, again to increase insulation and retain more of our very expensive heat!"

"Thank you very much for sending this report. It is a good summary and you have provided some great background information and references. Now we just need to put it all into action.
We both found your visit very useful and it was good to discuss the many awkward problems associated with trying to keep an older house warm (and condensation free!).
We will let you know how we get on!"

Summer survey defrost!

I am now back to work and catching up with the backlog which has built up over the summer.

Please feel free to contact me, but a request for a survey today is unlikely to result in a survey till April 2023 at the earliest.

I will try to acknowledge each e-mail as I receive it.

Thanks for bearing with me!

Nick Parsons

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